"Ann is an exceptional photographer, graphic artist,

brand developer and marketing strategist.


From photos to logos, Ann is easy to work with, and consistently

delivers excellent content and ideas: simply put - she gets it - and will develop ideas that work for your business."  ~ Josh Lanzetta, Esq., Lanzetta Law






You know you have a calling when you complete a Learning Style Assessment during your first real career out of college and the results come out... 100% Visual. Either a calling or perhaps a slight issue if the first career path chosen was in the financial world.

Problem solved. Marketing and branding have been woven into the majority of my career path. Naming my company reminded me of just how visually driven my life has been. Which is why after over fifteen years of graphic design, photography, digital marketing and consulting, it blended easily into branding for others.

Ann Koehler | Blue Eye Brand
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Jones Lang LaSalle
1858 Main, Kernersville, NC
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Lance Fenderson Racing
Planning to Win Foundation, Charlotte, NC
Elect Kenny Smith
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Vintage Sofa Bar, Winston Salem
Blue Eye Brand | Ann Koehler
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